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Credit – The New York Times

Here come the Crawleys!

The Downton Abbey movie is coming soon, with the many of original TV cast!! Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery and many more will be on the big screen. The creator, Julian Fellowes, has written the screenplay and will be one of the producers. I personally haven’t been the same since the PBS Masterpiece 15 Emmy award winning series ended in 2016. A release date has not been announced but ‘this summer’ is referred to in several articles.

According to the Cora Ball website,  “the single biggest pollution facing our ocean is microfiber: trillions of pieces of tiny fibers flowing into the ocean- every time we use our washing machines.” The Cora Ball is designed to catch these tiny microfibers from your washing machine water before they can pollute our oceans.   Every time we run a load of wash our dirty items shed tiny, unseen microfibers (including plastic) that go down our drains, through water treatment facilities, out our waterways and into our oceans. Just washing one fleece jacket produces up to 250,000 pieces in one wash. 10% of U.S. households using a Cora Ball would keep the plastic equivalent of over 30 million plastic water bottles out of our waterways and oceans. The Cora Ball is easy to use. Put it into your washing machine every time you run a load of wash. When you see a build up of the fibers just pick them out as you would lint and feel proud of yourself. $29.99.


Heard on the grapevine:

I have always found the various Apple offerings (iTunes, iPhone, iPad, my Mac, Apple News and Apple TV) difficult to keep straight, and I’m always unsure which password I should use. CNET has reported that Apple is considering following Amazon’s lead and combining everything into a single subscription. Those who subscribe to Amazon Prime receive access to music, movies and TV shows in addition to the free two-day shipping on the goods they order from the online retail store and discounts at Whole Foods.   A single Apple password would certainly reduce my confusion!



Do you know about the Honey app? It is a free browser app that automatically scans the internet looking for every working coupon while you’re shopping online and adding things to your cart. If it has found any applicable coupons, they appear at checkout. Add Honey to your browser and you’ll see a little ‘H’ added to your toolbar. Click on it whenever you’re about to buy something and Honey will get to work.