Friday Bulletin Paper Brené Brown

Timely nuggets of information and ideas we want to share with you.

Planning your summer trips? There are 61 wilderness areas that are designated National Parks. The Discover Blog has ranked them to help potential National Parks visitors determine which ones they’d like to see. The rankings are based on overall accessibility, facilities, accommodations, trails and attractions, crowds and gorgeous scenery. They do not express preference for any one over another, saying that every national park has its own special attractions.

The founder of Samplize, an interior designer, was frustrated by traditional tiny paint samples that are not always accurate to the final paint color or texture. Samplize decided to produce hand-painted, peel-and-stick paint samples for designers, contractors and DIY consumers. The samples have the same effect as paint on a wall surface. Their idea has become a large-scale manufacturing facility in the Chattanooga area. They provide the kind of accuracy and texture that was only before achieved through purchasing sample paint and testing it oneself. One of the best results is that the samples eliminate environmental waste created by surplus sample paint, which is rarely disposed of in the correct way.

I discovered Crafted House at my local farmer’s market. I was thrilled to learn that they take orders online and ship. I tried the Pistachio Butter, the Cashew Butter and the Fig Spread. All were delicious. Crafted House makes a variety of preserves, fruit butters, nut butters, and more. The Pistachio and Cashew Butters are $13.00 each, and the Fig Spread is $7.00.




If you are claustrophobic – visit Norway before 2050!

This long-range thinking extends to Norwegian engineering. Faced with the challenge of deep Fjords, bitter winters, and population separated by water – Norway is adding to its system of underwater tunnels on the seabed by planning these submerged roadways that will ‘float’ 100 feet below the surface. The human imagination is amazing, as are 21st Century engineers. Norwegian Floating Tunnels.

I admire Norway for taking the proceeds of their oil and creating a national Petroleum Trust Fund – which is now called The Government Pension Fund Global. Anticipating that the oil revenue will not last forever, they take a portion of the profits and invest in a fund which will benefit both this and future generations of Norwegians. Film about the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global.