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Preview YouTube video The Intouchables Dance Scene

ASE reader Nell O. submitted the following report:

“Well they’ve done it again – one of my favorite movies, The Intouchables, has been re-made –the new film is called The Upside – please don’t see it until you see the original (or maybe don’t see the new one at all).  The Intouchables is an extraordinary French film with English subtitles.
Take the time to watch the dance scene from the original.  Omar Sy is so talented – makes me smile every time I watch it.”

Spotify (the Swedish music streaming platform) is branching out into podcasts. It has recently bought Gimlet Media (home of a few of my favorite podcasts like Start Up, Every Little Thing and Reply All) and Anchor, a site that provides the tools to build, publish and make money from podcasts. a podcast. It has become the second largest podcast platform and predicts that in time over 20% of its content will be non-music. This has caused controversy in both the tech and media industries.

If you haven’t seen the 2018 documentary Three identical Strangers, you might consider streaming it from Amazon Prime or You Tube. Both for $3.99. It is a fascinating, horrifying, enraging and sad story of three identical triplets, separated at birth and raised in three different families, who are reunited in their late teens.

Vox reports that Ikea will enter the furniture rental market to keep up with environmental concerns (according to the EPA, 9.8 million tons of furniture was thrown away in 2009), a sharing economy, and rapid changes in tastes and residences.  Consumers will lease their furniture from Ikea instead of buying it, and hand it back when they want a change or are moving. It saves the consumer from having to figure out how to disassemble or sell the items.