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Jane Fonda in Five Acts is a documentary that looks back on Jane Fonda’s life and career. It is taken from 21 hours of interviews and archival footage. It is deeply personal as it explores the various episodes in a long and fascinating life. I found Fonda to be very open and honest about her personal strengths and weaknesses, her mistakes and misjudgments, and her successes. Available from You Tube and HBONow.


If you are anxiously awaiting spring to enjoy some road trips, read Fodor’s article on 10 of the Most Picturesque Towns in New England. Fodors has found the towns with classic historic architecture, gorgeous views, great restaurants – all overflowing with quaint. did a survey of 9,800 millennials aged 18 – 35, in Canada, Europe and the U.S. to see where they were investing their saved money. 89% of the respondents said they do invest. Pictured above are their immediate financial goals.

And, here is how they are investing. Look at what their major investment is!!

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Planning a hiking trip? Here is a list of ‘just in case’ items to pack. These 7 items don’t add much extra weight or take up much room, and if you ever need any of them, you’ll be happy you have them!

First Aid Kit

Flashlight or headlamp

Waterproof matches

Water treatment tablets

Duct tape


Allergy medication