Friday Bulletin Paper Brené Brown

Timely nuggets of information and ideas we want to share with you.


Do you have heated music trivia competitions with friends and family – name that tune, who sings this song, that kind of thing? Now there is Who Sampled, a website that is “the world’s most comprehensive, detailed and accurate database of samples, cover songs and remixes, covering the entire history of music spanning over 1,000 years”. It has 552,595 songs, and 186,215 artists with more being added all the time. Choose a song and it will tell you all the songs that have that title in it, who covered it, and remixes in chronological order. is an interesting website that allows users to read books in new languages, or languages in which they would like to be more fluent. The method is to have users read a book in their native language and in the language they’d like to learn side by side.   It is an online tool that is simple to use – enter your native language and the language you’d like to learn and up will come a selection of books. While reading, you can click on any sentence to hear it out loud.

The Inside is a new home furnishings site that ASE reader Bonnie C. told me about. It offers made-to-order contemporary furniture at good prices that can be customized. The furniture is made in the U.S. and each order is completed in under three weeks. For example, the Ottoman bench pictured above is $399. You then choose your fabric, the leg shape and finish and within three weeks it will be made.

They have over 50 new designer fabrics added to their collection every few weeks as well as new furniture patterns and designer collaborations. They offer complimentary swatches with free shipping.

Oops, I’m not so good at this addictive geography game, yet. But I will be because it’s really fun to play! Go to and it will place you in a random place anywhere in the world in Google Earth/Maps. You can move the scene around to pick up any clues, virtually wander down a road (it uses Street View) and try to glean from your surroundings where in the world you might be. At least I got the right continent! You get points for how close you are to the correct answer.

If you like to travel you will love this game!

Do you stretch before or after exercising, or both? A study reported in the Research in Sports Medicine shows that there are six well-known and accepted benefits that help the body respond to exercise – when and what you eat, type of exercise, massage, sleep, low-dose creatine and stretching. Read more about the research findings. If you exercise you will find this interesting!