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Watching live nature cams has many benefits. It is educational, calming, interesting, helps city dwellers stay in touch with nature, and it can increase happiness. I love watching a kitten cam because I find them so adorable and it makes me happy. Many people have a favorite animal, bird or bug and there is probably a suitable nature cam. has a large group of live nature cams so you can choose from kittens, alligators, eagles, falcons, donkeys, northern lights, African animals, penguins, flying foxes and many more. It is really a fun site to browse.

Is the WSJ getting too much to read cover to cover, especially at this busy time of year? My daughter turned me onto Morning Brew. It is a quick daily email newsletter, primarily aimed at millennial business professionals, but it attracts a diverse population. It has a stock market recap, a few short paragraphs on the most important business news of the day and a small lifestyle section. It’s a good mix of Wall Street necessities and news. It was started by two University of Michigan students in 2015 and now has over ¾ of a million subscribers.

I was tipped off by ASE readers that Trader Joe’s is currently selling Amaryllis bulbs from Virginia that are encased in gold, silver or red wax. I have also seen them for sale at Whole Foods.  They do not need any watering to grow because all the nutrients and moisture they need are in the large, round wax-covered bulb. I rushed to my local Trader Joe’s and bought many for $7.99 each. It appears ingenious and easy, and only time will tell if the growing is successful.

ASE reader Cathy S. is an avid Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show fan and suggested we write it up. The Westminster Kennel Club is the oldest organization dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs. The show is held every year at Madison Square Garden, and Piers 92 and 94 in New York City. More than 3,000 dogs enter the show from around the world.

Westminster Week begins Saturday, February 9, 2019. See the Schedule

Tickets can be bought through the Westminster Kennel Club office or online. There are packages for multiple days, or you can buy a daily ticket for $32.00 and $15.00 for kids under 12. You can also buy tickets at the door from 7AM to 3PM.

Cathy says that you can wander around watching the judging, the grooming, watch the trainers (amazing outfits), and the owners. The shopping for pet paraphernalia is amazing. For the events held at Pier 92 and Pier 94 there is parking available on the roof. Cathy’s personal preference is for the day programs. She says the night programs, held at Madison Square Garden, require more planning.


A friend shared these great instructions for folding a napkin into a Christmas tree. I am going to use green napkins with a sprig of holly on top.  Link to video: