Friday Bulletin Paper Brené Brown

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If you are looking for a special treat over the holidays, look no further. Pearl Street Caviar is your solution. The new Brooklyn company‘s mission is to make caviar accessible and enjoyed by more folks. They work with an open pen aqua farm in central Asia to produce sustainable caviar from sturgeon, so it can continue to be enjoyed for generations. I tried both the Siberian Select and the Keluga and found both delicious. The caviar is sold in three sizes. To sample and see which you like best, order the Slim (12g) size. $25.00 for Slim Siberian Select and $44.00 for Slim Keluga. The Classic size is 30g and $64.00 for Siberian Select and $100 for the Keluga. The Big size (125g) is $248 for Siberian Select and $410 for Keluga. All orders come with a PSC Tin Opener, a Mother of Pearl Spoon and canvas gift bag.

P.S. Caviar is good for our brains because it has a perfect blend of nutrients.

On The Basis of Sex, the upcoming movie about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is being released on Christmas day. It tells the inspiring true story of young RBG teaming up with her husband Marty to bring a groundbreaking case before the U.S Court of Appeals and overturn a century of gender discrimination. It stars Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer as the Ginsburgs. I can’t get enough of RBG so I can’t wait!! If you want a refresher on RBG, you can rent the excellent documentary.

I have just signed up for so many New York Times newsletters that I may not be able to leave my house ever again I’ll have so much reading to do. It’s all wonderful content as you’ll see when you browse the offerings at


I needed a new iron last week. I did what I usually do – I went on Amazon. I found an iron and I read only a few reviews because there were so many I gave up. Now there is an app that will summarize the findings in all the legitimate reviews. It’s amazing and fast. Put in an item’s URL and almost immediately you’ll see the analysis of ‘ease of use’, ‘quality’, reliability’, ‘price’, ‘quality’, ‘returns’ and more. The site is able to detect spam, unnatural patterns and fake reviews and remove them from the analysis. It works best for electronic items. Above is a partial review of the iron I bought.  TheReviewIndex


Jessica, an energetic 27 year old in Palm Beach, has created created Lycette – whimsical needlepoint designs which adds energy to the art of the needle – through the lens of a millennial. Choose your canvas from categories including ‘cheeky sayings’, ‘ginger jars’ and ‘sunnies’.

(sunnies are sunglasses cases).