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Global Citizen is an organization of citizens committed to ending extreme poverty by 2030. It was founded in 2012. They hold the Global Citizen Festival every year with amazing musicians. Hugh Jackmann hosted the first festival in 2015 and he has continued to be involved. He tells a funny story about his 13 year-old daughter. Of all the roles he’s played and all events he’s involved in, the ONLY achievement to catch his daughter’s attention was that his success in getting her tickets to the Global Citizens Festival. This year the Festival is in December in Johannesburg.

The AirHelp app helps air passengers claim compensation of up to $700 for flight delays, overbookings and cancelations if they are entitled to them. Submit the details to AirHelp and they will quickly check to see if the airline owes you any money. If you are entitled, AirHelp does all the work necessary to get you compensated. They send you your money minus a 25% fee for the work they’ve done. That’s it!

Practicing Mindfulness in 6 steps:





A helpful tip before the holidays!

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I heard on the Today Show about an app called Paribus from Capitol One. It will check prices and tariffs and if there has been a price change on an item you have bought or a late delivery, it will help you get money back. This sounds great before holiday shopping gets into full swing! Here’s how it works: Sign up with the email you use when shopping online. Paribus scans your inbox for receipts from the stores they monitor. They do not sell or share any of your data to third parties. When they detect potential savings they alert you and help you get money back. It is free.





Boy, are you going to thank me for this! Here are links to lists of all the holiday television programs (and their broadcast dates) being shown for the next month+ on network and cable channels, Netflix and Amazon.

Cable & Network

Netflix & Amazon