Friday Bulletin Paper Brené Brown

Timely nuggets of information and ideas we want to share with you.

OMG how adorable is Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers?! If you loved the show, and the documentary about Fred Rogers, watch for the movie, called ‘You Are My Friend’ and starring Tom Hanks, due to be released October 18th.


Escape rooms are popping up everywhere. See our earlier article if you haven’t come across one yet. For those of you who are entertaining the idea of trying one but are uneasy, here is a You Tube with “10 Proven Tricks and Tips”. This short video will familiarize you with an escape room, and help you escape when you try one!




If you want a dizzying experience, go to this website of the U.S. Debt Clock and watch all the numbers spin around. It is a dashboard of national debt, student loan debt, budget items, tax revenue, jobs, and many others.



You know how much we love our Rothy’s shoes. Now they are available for girls in sizes 10 to 4 – just in time for back-to-school. Just like the adult version, they are machine washable. See the ASE discount to save $20 for new customers. $65 per pair.