Friday Bulletin Paper Brené Brown

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Appointment TV:

If you’re interested in a realistic family drama, Queen Sugar is created, directed and produced by Ava DuVernay, who directed the movie ‘Selma’. Ms. DuVernay put together an all-female team of directors for this very popular series. It tells the story of three grown siblings who return to their father’s sugarcane farm in Louisiana after his death.   Warning, I cried three times during the first episode.




Ginny and I both love Foxcroft shirts for women, many of which are no-iron. They come in all colors and designs. My favorites are the longer tunic styles that are great for a causal evening out. Right now they are featuring their linen collection for summer.

Out of My Head is a moving, informative and powerful documentary about the debilitating neurological disorder of migraine. Elvis Presley, Van Gogh, JFK, Elizabeth Taylor, Charles Darwin, Thomas Jefferson and many more have suffered from migraine. Currently, one billion people worldwide suffer from migraine yet it is often dismissed by the uninformed as ‘just a headache’. To find out where to see it click here.

Reboundwear Clothing for post surgery-

Have you or your friends just been skiing, rock climbing, hiking? Did anyone get injured? Reboundwear was started by a woman who watched her friends, children and parents struggle after having surgery to find clothing that didn’t need two people to get them dressed. I have a friend who just broke her knee and shoulder in a skiing accident and she found their ‘adaptive athletic wear’ so helpful. It’s stylish, functional and comfortable for people in casts or post-surgery.