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The Rebecca Allen shoe collection is a new venture from a high school classmate of one of Ginny’s daughters and one of mine. The shoes are beautiful with a good price point for dressy shoes. The nude pump comes in 5 shades to be wearable by women with light to dark skin. There is also the very sexy Two Strap dressy high heel sandal and that also comes in 5 shades. The New Pump pictured  is $250.00. Late breaking news!  They now have a flat called The Skim.

A friend of mine has been raving about the Hanacure face mask that she says firmed up her skin and made her look younger and rested. It is an at-home facial from South Korea. It is an all-in-one treatment that promises to address many signs of aging on the face. It has been selling out since it debuted. It has many fans and several celebrities love it. A Town & Country beauty editor who wrote a review of Hanacure says – “So is it worth the $110 price tag? My answer is yes. Post-treatment, my complexion had never looked better.”  For $29.00 you can get a trial kit with one application. For $110 you get 4 applications.


In addition to its 30 for 30 documentary film series, ESPN also has 30 for 30 podcasts. The 30 for 30 podcast’s Season Three opened with a five part series about Bikram yoga that follows Bikram Choudhury’s American yoga boom from guru status to a much darker side. Who knew hot yoga had a sinister past?

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Frosé is the perfect wine (usually rosé) cooler at the end of a hot day – it is like a wine ‘slushy’. There are two basic approaches to achieving the ‘slush’ – frozen fruit blended with chilled wine or frozen wine blended with fresh fruit.

Frozen Fruit – Chilled Wine

Blend frozen fruit with your favorite wine. Two parts fruit to one-part wine – that’s it. Puree the frozen fruit and wine together in a blender. Pour the mixture into a glass, garnish with fresh fruit or mint and serve to a friend who deserves to chill.

Fresh Fruit – Frozen Wine

If you have wonderful, ripe fresh summer fruit, you can freeze the wine in ice cube trays and blend it with the fruit.

Here are some fruit and wine combinations you will enjoy.

Frozen strawberries with Rosé
Frozen mango with Sauvignon Blanc
Frozen Peaches with white or Rosé wine

Real Simple suggests that you add vodka, sugar and grenadine – and blend with ice cubes.