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Anyone in your household into knots?  This website, Animated Knots, will help backpackers, climbers, fishermen, sailors and travelers of all kinds learn how to tie the knots they need to know.  There are knots for rescue, climbing trees, riding horses, farming, even tying ties.  Click on the knot you want to learn and watch the video as it ties itself.

There is also an app for when you’re on the go and need to know how to tie a knot in a hurry.

For iOS  $4.99

For Google  $4.99



The Minipresso GR is a portable espresso machine. It is small, lightweight and can use any variety of coffee bean/roast. It is a great travel coffee machine.  It measures 6.89” x 2.75” x 2.36” and weighs ½ a pound.  To use, add ground coffee to the filter basket and level the coffee.  Add hot water to the water tank.  Unlock the piston from travel position and pump a few times to pressurize and you will get delicious espresso.  $47.99.

Graphene clothing mosquito repellant







Mosquitoes can bite you through the clothing you are wearing.  It’s very annoying.  Soon clothes will be available that have a very thin layer of graphene that mosquitoes cannot penetrate.  “Graphene is a transparent, thin material made of carbon atoms that can be peeled off graphite”. The beauty of this material is that it does not involve harmful, carcinogenic chemicals.  Look for clothes with the graphene fabric soon.



ASE Subscriber Chris Z. shared her PUR Mints with me the other day.  They were delicious – and I enjoyed them even more when she explained that they are healthy choices. The mission of the PUR company is to make snacks healthier while making them just as appealing as our old snack vices.  They remove artificial sweeteners and flavor and add healthy (pure) ingredients.

PUR Mints in five flavors.  Each bag has 22 mints.  Five bags for $11.99.

PUR gum.

PUR Mint variety pack with all five flavors.  $8.36