Get Fired Up!

We like to grill into October or later, weather permitting.  That means that there are maybe two more months left of grilling season!  If there is still room for improvement in your grilling techniques, here are some popular apps to aid in the process.


This is a recipe app that has great photographs and a wide variety of food grilling categories.  Users can also search for recipes that include a particular ingredient.  Automatic updates with new recipes are loaded into your app as soon as they are released.  You can save your favorite recipes for easy access.

Grill It! App is available for both iOS and Android for $1.00.

For Android users, The BBQ Timer app by Jerry M is a no-fuss timer app.  You can combine interval timer/stopwatch functions with periodic alarms and elapsed time.  It will alert you when it is time to turn the food.  You can also set up your phone’s locked screen to show the timer so you can check your schedule with a glance.

The app is free and only for Android.

The Weber Grills app provides recipes, grill skills and guides to your Weber charcoal or gas grills for the best performance.  There is a lot of advice to be gotten from this app even if you don’t own a Weber grill.  There are hundreds of recipes, and 75 new recipes are added once a week.  There are technique videos, how-to guides, and a timer.  At this point it is only available for iOS, and it is free.



There is nothing more frustrating than overcooking what you are grilling.  I find it difficult on a charcoal grill to determine how hot it is, so the result is often overcooked foods.  GrillTime is a timer that has been pre-programmed with cooking time information for many foods.  Select an item, like a steak, and tell the app how thick it is and how well done you’d like and the app sets the timer.  It can handle multiple timers at one time for various foods and your guests’ preferences.  It will also remind you when to flip foods.  It has Apple Watch integration ability so you can get timer alerts on your watch.

The GrillTime app is $2.00 on iOS.

This app, Pit Pal, is popular among grillers.  Tell the app the temperature of your grill, the type of food you want to cook, the weather, your city and if you are using wood or coal.  Pit Pal will track the time your food has been cooking so that it is perfect.  You can track several foods at once and save notes about the recipe in your stored archive.

This app is free and only for Android.