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Sleep well this summer!

We have written several articles about sheets.  My personal favorite type of sheet is crisp percale, especially in the summer. Soft and smooth are not what I’m going for.  I love the feeling of pushing my feet into the crispness, feeling the coolness in the summer, and in the winter, letting the sheets warm to body temperature.  They are the sheets our grannies had, and sadly, they need ironing or a good smoothing out. Percale sheets have a tighter weave than other sheets and that gives a crisp cool sleep.

When looking for Percale 100% cotton sheets, look for:

  • White sheets – dye and prints are likely to make them less crisp.
  • Low thread count – the lower the better.
  • 100% cotton, NOT sateen
  • Not wrinkle resistant or easy care.

crisp cotton sheets for a cool summer sleep





These Pinzon 300-Thread-Count Percale Sheets are recommended.  They come in all sheet sizes and are 100% cotton.  A king set contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillow cases for $51.10.  They come in five colors but white is recommended for the best percale results.



Vermont Country Store Crisp Cotton White Sheets




The Vermont Country Store sells 250-thread-count 100% cotton percale sheets.  A set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases.  They fit mattresses up to 17” deep. A King set is $129.00.






Boll & Branch describes their percale sheets as ‘cool and crisp, structured yet lightweight’.  They can be washed in warm water and tumbled dry on medium.  A King set is $250.00.




Brooklinen Core Classic Sheets

The Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases.  They are woven in a 270-thread-count from 100% long staple cotton. Brooklinen says the sheets will “make your whole bed feel like the cool side of the pillow”. $149.00 for a King set.

Parachute’s Percale Sheet Set is made in Portugal from 100% premium long-staple Egyptian cotton.  These sheets are lightweight with a crisp finish that gets better with time. A king set has a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillow cases and is $239.00.

Country Store Classic Percale sheets




The Company Store has its Classic Percale Solid Sheet Set on sale.  They can be machine washed in warm water and tumbled dry.  A King Set is $114.00 for a fitted and flat sheet and two pillowcases.





LLBean Crisp sheets

L.L. Bean offers a 220-thread-count 100% Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set. It is woven to be soft and crisp. $159.00 for a king set.


Note:  Be sure to wash your new sheets before you sleep on them to get rid of any finishing products.

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