Six seasons of looking at art through artists’ eyes.

Begun in 2015, The Artists Project at the Metropolitan Museum has invited 120 artists over six years to choose individual works of art or entire galleries – and share their reflections on what art is and what these works mean them.  It is as if the MET knew that we were going to have some time at home to feed our imaginations.  This series of online videos of artists explaining their appreciation for their favorite work, is free.

I recommend that you simply look for an artist who interests you – or a painting or collection that you know but want to see through an artist’s eye.  Leave some time – you will get drawn into this series.

Some artists from seasons 1-5…

Choose from a long list of artists describing the art from which they draw inspiration. Click to see the art through their eyes.  List of Artists in the Artist’s Project.

Alex Katz from the MET Artist Project website

I love Alex Katz’s figurative work, and I was fascinated to hear why he chose to explain his appreciation for an abstract painting, Franz Kline’s Black, White and Gray.   Alex Katz on Franz Kline.

William Wegman on Walker Evan’s Postcard collection.

I found this explanation by artist Lee Ufan of the almost mystical power of a deceptively simple Korean Moon Jar to be something I considered long after I’d left my screen.

A friend, art professor and extraordinary guide at the MET who first showed me the Artists Project could not bear to choose favorites, but here are some of the videos she especially recommended.

Kehinde Wiley’s talk on John Singer Sargent

Enrique Chagoya’s talk on the Goya Los Caprichos

Nina Katchadorian on the early Netherlandish portraits

Maureen Gallace on Cezanne still life paintings with apples

George Condo on Monet’s The Path through the Irises

Tom Sachs on the Shaker Retiring Room

Phaidon has published a book that includes the artists and artwork they chose to describe in the Artists Project.  The Artist Project: What Artists See When They Look at Art.  $59.95.  MET members $53.95.

Art Basel panel of artists describing the art and artists who inspire them.