Florence perfumes
I love the perfumes of Florence. Many of you will be very familiar with these two “profumo” shops in Florence, but not aware that you can finally purchase their products in the U.S. or online. I Profumi di Firenze In 1966 a Florentine apothecary re-created the Renaissance fragrances used by Catherine de Medici.  He used recipes found after the big flood.  These perfumes are hand-blended in small batches and there is a large selection. I happened upon this tiny store on the Palazzo Vecchio and knew I’d found a treasure. Finally, the 20th century has caught up with this ‘profumo’ company and they now have a website and retail outlets in the U.S.My favorites are Lily of the Valley and Caterina de Medici. 50 ml is $99



Perfume of Florence

The  Officina Profumo – Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella was established in 1221 by Dominican monks.  The monks prepared balms, ointments and pomades from medicinal herbs.  They opened a pharmacy for the public in 1612 and four hundred years later they are still using the highest quality raw materials.

In Florence it is located next to Piazza di Santa Maria Novella.  In the U.S. you can visit stores in Bal Harbor, Los Angeles, New York and Dallas.

They make eau de colognes, face and body products, soaps, hair products, products for men, children and pets, even olive oil!  My friend Barbara buys their lemon compote whenever she can.

My favorites are the Scented Talcum Powder and the Jasmine Eau de Cologne.

Perfumes of Florence


You may buy most of the products online at www.lafcony.com.