If your salt is clumped inside its shaker and you bang it forcibly on the dining room table when having a dinner party it will free up your salt, but might startle your dinner guests.  An alternative is to use salt and pepper cellars.  This is an elegant way to offer salt and pepper. You always know how much is in each cellar, and it’s very easy to unclump!  Here are some favorites.

These two open salt & pepper cellars fit together like a puzzle.  They are made from aluminum in a silver color.  Two spoons are included. $7.99.


These are called salt & pepper pinch pots and are made by Joseph Joseph.  They have a closeable design.  They easily twist open. The pair comes on a matching coaster. $12.25.


I LOVE these SALT & PEPPER cellars!  They are handcrafted in ceramic and designed by Rae Dunn.  Each cellar is 2 ¼” h x 3” diameter. $39.95.


Also designed by Rae Dunn are these “Pinch” and “Dash” salt and pepper cellars.  They are 3” in diameter and made from handcrafted stoneware. $19.95.


These cellars are made from hand carved marble,  white for salt and black for pepper.  They are 3 ¼” in diameter x 1 ¾” high.  The set comes with brass spoons. The spoons are 4 ½” long x ⅝” wide.


This bamboo salt & pepper box is 7” x 3” x 2 ¾”.  It is made from 100% bamboo and easy to clean. The tops are attached and slide on and off. It will be back in stock at the end of November. $18.20.


This pair of traditional round cellars are on pedestals.  They are 3” tall by 3.5” diameter. The set of two comes with two spoons.  $14.00.


This pair of salt & pepper cellars are 2”w x 1”h and are dishwasher and microwave safe. $15.69.


These European Oval Glass Salt & Pepper cellars are vintage 1950s and made from pressed glass. Each one is 1.8” x 1.4”.  The pair comes with one spoon. $18.00.


This “Chicken metalmorphosis” salt and pepper cellar is wonderful.  The chicken divides in half into two cellars, each with a spoon. It is made from lead-free high quality pewter and is hand-casted and polished.  Each cellar is 2 ½” square and each spoon is 1 ½” long.  $58.00.


In case you need salt spoons, these wooden spoons come in a pack of three and are 3 ¼” long. $9.98.


Malden Sea Salt Flakes is my favorite natural sea salt.  It is made without any additives and has great flavor.  An 8.5 oz. box is $5.89.


This Watkins Purest Granulated Black Pepper gets rave reviews!  A 12 oz. tin is $11.00.