Extra seating is handy especially in small areas, but it shouldn’t take up too much space.  Poufs and footstools serve dual purposes – foot rests and extra seating, and they are small and tidy.

This pouf is hand knit from fabric remnants that are braided into thick ropes of color.  It is red, pink, brown, blue, green and white weave and 100% cotton.  14” high x 20” wide.  $79.95.

Knitted Teal Pouf

Only the Brits! Pouffes, as they spell it, are offered here as covers only if shipping to the U.S.  You stuff your own.  I like this idea.  Old pillows, fabrics, plastic supermarket bags, anything can be stuffing.  This Moroccan leather drum cover is $116.59.


Choose from eight colors for this Moroccan leather poufe cover.  $150.00.

colorful poufs

We love this patriotic pouf.  It’s called the Betsy Ross ottoman and is made from industrial burlap.  17” high by 17” diameter.  $201.65.Betsey Ross Pouf

This is a very pretty kilim wool ottoman. 16” high x 18” wide and $195.00.

Tribal Pouf


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