Swings for fun

For swingers only

Swinging is relaxing for all ages. It’s rhythmical, no special talent is needed, and it’s fun. Swings just seem to beckon and I love having one outside my house. Here’s a variety of good ones.

This Swing-N-Slide Monster Web Swing looks wonderful. It is 42” x 33” and can handle more than one small rider – up to three in fact or 250 lbs. It is made from heavy-duty spider web design. $99.99.


This pine tree swing can hold a maximum of 230 pounds. The swing is 24” x 9” x 1.5” thick. It is painted with semi-gloss enamel and is mold, mildew and algae resistant. It comes in eight colors and is $58.99.

Swings---Montana-Tree-Swings-Pine-SwingThis is a beautiful walnut swing. It is 1.5” thick and also comes in oak and maple. It holds a maximum of 450 lbs. It is 27” x 9” x 1.5”. The same wood swings come in 2” thick or 1” heavy duty. The 1.5” thick swings are $145 each. The 2” thick swings are $175 and 1” heavy duty are $130.00.

Swings---Montana-Tree-Swings-walnut-1.5'-swingThis lovely old-fashioned black tire swing is 27” in diameter. It comes with three yellow chains that are plastic coated. $141.86.

This Deluxe Swing Belt for children can hold up to 225 lbs. The swing conforms to a child’s body for safety. It won’t heat up or fade in sunlight. The swing comes in eight colors. $36.95.

Swings---Deluxe-Swing-BeltI have sat in this Cobble Mountain Chair swing and loved it. It is very comfortable. It can hold 240 pounds. The chair comes with a cushion and head pillow in either natural cotton or dark green polyester. The hanging hardware and instructions are included. $265.00. It also comes as a double chair for $579. The optional foot hold takes the price to $354, but it adds significantly to the comfort if you plan to relax and read on a summer afternoon.


This is a Castaway Hammock by Pawley’s Island Single Cotton Rope Swing made from 100% cotton hand-woven rope. It holds up to 350 pounds and can accommodate up to two people. $49.99.

Swings---Castaway-Hammocks-by-Pawley's-Island-Single-SwingThis Pawley’s Island single padded swing is from Thos. Baker. The spreader bar is made from white oak. The cushion is sun resistant and will not fade. There are color options for the cushion. The spreader is 40” wide. $179.00.


This is a classic heavy duty round adult tree swing. It holds up to 250 lbs. It is 1.5” thick and comes with 10 feet of ¾” PolyPro 3 ply rope. It also comes in oak and walnut. $75.00.