Deserts delivered

With the holiday season approaching, we are looking for ways to help you be as efficient with your time as possible.  If you are planning to entertain, these websites may help.  Some of these sites may also help you check off some names on your holiday gift list.

I just served this at a dinner party, and it was a huge hit!  Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake – One 18 oz. cake and a 12oz. jar of sauce serves 8 and costs $20.00

.desserts delivered

My sister-in-law swears by these cookies.  Cookies come in 6 flavors and are $24 for one dozen. Downtown Cookie Company. They would make great gifts.

A subscriber told us about Black Hound New York. He had tried the mini Christmas cakes sampler #1 and said it was delicious.  The samplers contain 6 mini-cakes and easily serve 12 people. Prices for the samplers start at $45.00.  They also make large cakes, cookies and some candy.  All look wonderful.

We have not sampled these cakes ourselves but have been told about them by friends. They are individual layer cakes.  Prices start at $6.00 each.  Each order is custom, baked fresh, and shipped overnight.  You must call to order.

Most famous for its Buttercream Frosted Cookies, Cheryl & Co.makes cookies, sugar free cookies, kosher products, cookie bouquets, heart shaped cookies, 3” cookies iced with buttercream.  They have a brownie sampler gift box for $35, and a Create Your Own Cookie and Brownie Box for $25.00.

This site has lots and lots of cookie selections.  What makes Gumdrop Cookie Shop special is their customization.  You can create monogram cookies, and custom decorate cookies with photos, quotes, whatever you want.  Great for gifts or special occasions. 3” iced cookies, 1 dozen for $42.00.

I love a good lace cookie, and they are a nuisance to make, so I was thrilled to discover Minnie Beasley’s Almond Lace Cookies.  They are dense with butter, rolled, as they should be, and delicate.  A one pound tin is $21.95.  They also sell gluten free lace cookies.

We wrote an article when we first launched this website about Caroline’s Cakes.  We have received many “thank you’s” from grateful subscribers who now adore Caroline’s cakes.  They ship beautifully, serve 12 people and cost $45 each.  Our favorites are the caramel and coconut.  Check out our article.

This site offers cakes, brownies, iced cookies, vegan cookies, and “Monthly Care Packages”.  What a great idea!  You can choose from 3, 6, 8, 9 or 12 months of “Truly Gluttonous” mixtures of their baked goods.  Great for children away at school, friends or relatives serving in the military, relatives of all kinds, or anyone special.  Three months start at $24.75.