sunglasses for children

Children’s eyes need protection from UV rays even more than adult’s eyes

I have just learned how important it is for children to wear sunglasses.

The average child gets about three times the annual UV ray exposure of an adult – think recess, outdoor sports and summer camp.  Children’s ocular lenses are not fully mature and therefore do not filter out UV rays as effectively as adult eyes.  The result is that many children’s eyes are exposed to too many UVA and UVB rays.  If the child in your life has light colored eyes, they are especially susceptible to UV damage.  Hats give protection from rays from above, but UV rays reflect off water, sand and pavement – right into a child’s eyes.

Here are some recommendations for how to choose sunglasses for children.

Make sunglasses a treat. Let them choose their style.

Find sunglasses that either wrap around or are big enough to keep out peripheral light.  Hats help shade the face and the eyes, but UV protective sunglasses protect eyes from reflective rays.

Buy from a reputable company to be sure that the listed 100% UVA and UVB protection is accurate.

Adults usually have a style and brand of sunglasses which suits them.  For children, check out these options for comfortable, durable sunglasses which kids are actually willing to wear.

babiators, sunglasses for children100% UV protective Babiators come with a one year guarantee.  Children have an ability to fling sunglasses out of the car, the stroller or into the ocean – even if they like the shades.  If your child loses or breaks these sunglasses within a year of purchase, Babiator will replace them for the cost of postage.  Nice! For babies up to seven year olds, from $22 a pair, more if you choose polarized or tinted lenses.  For seven to fourteen year olds, from $30 a pair.

Babiator one year guarantee.

first-shades-wayfarer-glasses, sunglasses for kidsMy First Shades for babies            Wayfarer Glasses for young adults

Real Kids offers sunglasses in five different sizes – all with 100% UV protection.  It makes sense that glasses that fit well keep out the maximum harmful UV rays.  Choose from baby, 2+, 4+, 7+ and young adult.  Real Kids Shades from $19.95.

real-kids-neon-blue-sun glassesReal Kids Neon Blue shades. $12.95 from Amazon.

julibo-looping-sunglasses for kidsJulbo Looping infant sunglasses have no ‘up or down’ so they are always on correctly.  No hinges to catch hair.  From $35.

julbo-reach-l-sunglasses for childrenJulbo Reach L sunglasses have style enough for teens.  Julbo has been making sunglasses since 1888. They offer a high quality, junior sunglasses with choices of style and lens.  All of their glasses protect from 100% of UV rays. From $35.  They offer the option of prescription sunglasses. From $40.

baby-banz-sunglasses for childrenFor the camo crowd, age 4+, these Baby Banz sunglasses say that they are 100% UVA and UVB protective and begin at $24.49.