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Splish splash, we are having a blast!

Who knows what this summer of 2020 will bring, but most of us will spend more time in our yards than we have in past summers. We are avoiding public places like beaches and water parks and traveling less.  I am compensating by creating a fun (wet) backyard.

slip and slides and sprinklers

This fish and number themed shallow toddler play pool/splash mat/sprinkler has been tested in San Francisco and Wellesley this week by ASE product specialists.  It has produced squeals, laughter and brave moments of full on splashing.  It has a 60″ diameter and plugs into a garden hose.  Sprinkler for Kids Splash Pad Play Mat 60″.  $23.99

slip and slide fountains

The 68-inch splash pad gives children more space to play and enjoy the fun of sprinkling water.  You can adjust the water pressure to determine the direction of the spray – low water pressure sprays into the center of the mat. With an increase in water pressure, the spray direction is outward.   Outdoor Sprinkler Water Toys for Kids and Toddlers 68″ $29.99


Panda Slip and Slide

Panda Bear Splash Sprinkler Pad for Kids Toddlers, 68″ Outdoor Water Mat.  $27.99

This Panda Yard Sprinkler is 68 inches (H) x 51 inches (W) x 64 inches (D).  Panda sprinkler. $30.49.

Splash Tunnel Sprinkler.  $25.98

3 lane slip and slide

Remember the Slip and Slide? This H20 Go is fifteen feet long by over seven feet wide and has three lanes!  The Blobzter Giant Water Filled Spraying Splash Mat and Drench Pool.  $86.50

slip and slide matts and sprinkler

This Water Slide and Spraying Splash Mat is just right for young children and smaller spaces. Fifteen feet long by just over six feet wide.   Water slide and spray mat. $35.

wacky water fun sprinklers

Wiggling 12-foot Wacky Water Sprinkler, Splash toy.  $39.95

Wild Light Show Sprinkler, 4 inches (H) x 8 inches (W) x 8 inches (D).  $15

splish splash flower sprinkler

Sunny Patch Pretty Petals Sprinkler Toy. $17.48

Remember Super Soakers?   This article describes the NASA scientist who accidentally created the super soaker.

Nerf makes lots of ‘big’ super soakers.  I like these two smaller water guns.  They remind me of summer evenings in my childhood. Note: I have read warnings that the high-powered soakers can be dangerous if sprayed into someone’s eye.  Nerf Super Soaker AlphaFire (2-Pack) Set.  $19.99.



Here are additional ideas for outdoor games;

unusual lawn games

Fun and Unusual Lawn Games