‘Sugar is addictive – your brain lights up when you eat sugar just like it lights up when you use cocaine or heroin.’  This is a quote from the documentary Fed Up, recently released in movie theaters last May. Fed Up was directed by Stephanie Soechtig and is narrated by Katie Couric who is also an Executive Producer.  The other Executive Producer is Laurie David of Inconvenient Truth fame.

The primary focus of the documentary is that obesity is caused by the over-consumption of and consequent addiction to sugar, and the result that our children and grandchildren will live shorter lives than their parents and grandparents. Sugar, and the processed foods it is added to, are the villains. By 2050 one in three Americans will have diabetes.

The film gives us a great deal of information about the obesity epidemic and the amount of sugar added to processed foods.  There are also poignant interviews and profiles of children and teens battling obesity.  Fat is no longer the villain we thought it was. We need to get the sugar and all the carbohydrates we eat under control.

The film is critical of Congress for bowing to pressures from the food industry, the recent Democratic administrations for inaction and even Michelle Obama takes some heat.  It is very critical of the food industry and companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola.  It has gotten those companies’ knickers in a twist and they have fought back with some angry reviews and press releases.

It sends a message many of us have already heard, but with consequences like these, it can take some banging the public over the head to actually make any progress.

How about the nugget of information about thin people who have too much internal fat?  They are called TOFI (thin outside fat inside).  That situation can be dangerous and result in the same diseases as for those who are obese.

If you want more information, watch a You Tube lecture given by Dr. Robert Lustig, the neuroendocrinologist who appears in Fed Up called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”.

Fed Up is in selective movie theaters now, and will be available on video soon.  Going to see it in a theater will take the fun out of loading up on soda and the large box of Junior Mints!