Stylish Picnic Equipment
*updated 2020 for accuracy and additional suggestions

If you’re camping or just picnicking, these stylish picnic equipment ideas will add practicality, comfort and chic to your outdoor gathering.

These Casco Bay throw pillows are 20” squares and perfect for additional outdoor seating. Made of Sunbrella fabric, they sure beat sitting on the ground! They can be spot cleaned. $36.00 each.

Stylish Picnic Comfort


Bring sunscreen and bug repellent protection in one solution. This Badger’s reef friendly, biodegradable, and certified cruelty-free lotion.  $13.45

environmentally safe sunscreen and bug repellant

Want to actually seat your outdoor table, or just give the kids an area to doodle on?  Use this chalkboard runner and don’t forget the chalk.  $36.00 and 30 inches wide x 25 feet long.


Chalkboard pencils are easier to use than the usual chalk.  A set of 6 pencils is $3.99.

Chalkboard pencils

This picnic blanket comes in two sizes – 59” x 51” and 70” x 80”.  It is durable and stays dry.  It folds into a compact size with a handle, making it easy to pack or travel with.  It is a soft fleece fabric with a water-resistant underside and comes in ten colors. The regular size blanket is $26.99.


This Sunshine picnic blanket is small, portable and lightweight.  Made of fleece with a waterproof backing.  It is 59” x 51” and $24.95.



Set the Picnic Table with Panache

This is a bottle opener that limits littering by catching discarded caps in a plastic compartment.  Genius!  $9.00.

Picnic Essentials

This is a “Green” picnic basket for four people. It has 8 bamboo plates, 4 sets of cutlery and napkins and four glasses. With lids and straws.  It comes in a jute tote bag and everything is compostable. $131.00.

Eco friendly Picnic basket for 4

Vino2go wine glasses are like a sippy cup for adults! They come in different sizes depending on what type of wine you are serving, and they have lids.  They are double wall-insulated acrylic.  A pair of 10 oz. ‘glasses’ with lids is $29.22.


These are no-break bowls for hot or cold food. Squishy Bowls are made from flexible silicone.  They are easy to pack and hard to break.  They come as a cup and bowl set under $15.41.  The sets come in five colors.


Maybe you don’t camp or picnic but love to roast marshmallows while sitting outside around a fire pit.  In that case, this Landmann Fire Pit gets great reviews. It has a 23.5” fire bowl and is made from sturdy steel with black finish.  It has a safety ring for easy transport and comes with a cooking grate and spark screen with poker. $229.


We think these personalized BPA-free plastic highball glasses are a way to dress up the picnic table. Beyond the alcohol, you can serve EANABS and lemonade in them. Set of 4, 128.99

Acrylic High Ball Glasses for Picnics

Real Simple has a great picnic-packing checklist. Make sure you have everything you’ll need for success!

Want some more ideas and mood music to add to the party? We’ve got you covered;

It is better to have burnt and lost than never to have barbecued at all… Wm. Shakespeare?

grilling meat and vegetable skewers