Soothing Moisturizers
*This article has been updated for accuracy and additions in March 2021

Give your skin a boost for spring!

Is your dry skin screaming for some help in dealing with the cold and damp winter weather? Face and body moisturizers are a must at this time of year and here are some old favorites and new additions to the field.

For the body:

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is an old favorite. It is oatmeal-infused, anti-inflammatory and won’t break the bank. The oatmeal is soothing for the skin, especially sensitive skin, and the lotion moisturizes for 24 hours. An 18 fluid ounce bottle is $14.50.

Patyka Almond Blossom Moisturizing Body Milk is a French softening body lotion that hydrates the skin with plant-based ingredients. It adds an additional layer of protection for the skin. 5 oz. is $40.00.

Origins Hit Refresh Cooling Moisturizer is fast absorbing and great to use after a workout. It is a lightweight, cooling moisturizer that alleviates and prevents skin dryness. It is a refreshing lotion containing Hawaiian mineral water to re-hydrate the skin. It contains an oil blend of wild mint, spearmint and eucalyptus to invigorate your senses! 6.7 oz. is $42.00.

Avène XeraCalm A.D. Lipid Replenishing Balm relieves that pesky itching and redness when your skin dries out. It is a rich, velvety non-greasy cream that seals in moisture. It works best for intense dryness. 6.7 oz. is $32.00.

Ever heard of Dilo, also known as Tamanu Oil? It was recently discovered in Fiji and is being touted as THE next huge thing in beauty and skin care. It has natural anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing properties that smooth and nourish skin. I first used it at a high-end hotel and liked it very much. As it was a short term visit, I cannot speak about its amazing ability to make us look 20 years younger after weeks of use. (Of course I pocketed the tiny sample tube from the hotel). Pure Fiji Dilo Rescue Body Butter gets high ratings. 4 oz. for $29.48. A little body butter goes a long way so this will last.

Nourish Organic Rejuvenating Rose Butter is a blend of rose hip seed oil and shea butter. It is fast absorbing and will help replenish and restore skin’s elasticity and texture. A 5.2 oz. jar is $13.50.


This Eight Hour Skin Protectant is an absolute staple in my house. One tube can last you for 20 years. This cream was created over 70 years ago by Elizabeth Arden herself and its magic has been passed down from generation to generation. This cream soothes sun burned skin, re-hydrates chapped and dry skin, and heals rough elbows and calluses. It is used by make-up artists to keep eyelashes shiny, eyebrows in place and cuticles manicured. This is a real classic with many uses. 1.7 oz. tube is $22.00.

For a splurge, my favorite body cream is by Jo Malone. Her products are wonderful and so are the scents. A 100 ml jar starts at $30.00.

A few for the face:

Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream contains manuka honey which is anti-inflammatory. The ingredients are 99.6% natural and also include ginseng root. It is for all skin types and claims to smooth creases and fine lines. 1.7 fl. oz. is $65.00.

Phace Bioactive Soothing Day Cream has an SPF of 46 and is a sheer, oil-free moisturizer to soften and hydrate skin. It is also a primer. It has only natural ingredients and no fragrances. 1.7 oz. for $80.00.

soothing moisturizer skin repair creamFirst Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream says it is for ‘intense repair’. It is for dry, parched or itchy skin and can be used on the face as well as the body. It is shea butter based with a vanilla citron scent. It is a rich whipped cream that contains oatmeal and eucalyptus oil. A 6 oz. size is $36.00.

lip balm

A new favorite lip balm is here, the Evan Healy Whipped Shea Butter for Lips. $9.99 – it will be the best thing you’ve ever done for your lips.

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Soothing hand cream

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