tech neck aches and more

The Friday Bulletin June 28, 2019

Do you have Tech Neck? If you think your usual posture has your head forward, and if your neck and shoulder muscles ache, and you spend lots of time looking down at your tech devices, you probably have Tech Neck.  These quick three exercises helped me tremendously.




Whiskey Cavalier –Call me shallow, but I find these kind of lightweight crime dramas totally relaxing and superficial, which is a good thing once in a while.  It’s on a par with Castle, if any of you saw that, or The Rookie.

Watch Season 1.

Sherwood Green Life carries only non-toxic, petroleum-free, plant-based skincare, makeup, bath & body and hair care products. When I visited the store in Greenwich, CT, I was informed that they do not give ‘thermal’ paper receipts (which is the paper every receipt is printed on) because the paper is coated in estrogen.  Who knew?  A favorite product, Combat Ready Balm, is an organic all-purpose skin salve – good for lips, all rough skin patches, even cuts that are slow to heal. Shop online.

Tech Neck Aches


It’s travel season and if you like to bring back delicious treats from your travels abroad, make sure they aren’t confiscated by customs by reading what’s allowed ahead of time. Click here for the details and remember that all foods need to be declared at customs, even if they are allowed.