We all know that there are satellites out there now Earth Browser has made them available to us.

We first heard of this from a scientist at Woods Hole Laboratory – and you can use it too. You download Earth Browser and get a ‘real time’, interactive, three – dimensional view of the world.  You can look down on the world from above your home, see the weather coming, or reposition the globe to look down upon any region as if you were an astronaut.  See storms in the Arctic and a volcano erupting in China.   You can choose to see clouds, city lights, stars, tropical storms, volcanoes, and geographic boundaries – or you can click to remove the clutter and gaze at the earth.  Add or subtract features and zoom in and out using satellite feeds. Earth Browser continuously updates global information.  It fascinates us.  Use the free demonstration as long as you like – we chose to support this effort by registering for $29.95.

To try Earth Browser for free, click on top right corner.

Google Earth gives you a ‘bird’s eye view’ of most places on earth.  Type in a destination or just position your cursor anywhere on the globe – and click.  You will ‘fly’ to wherever you choose. Swoop in from outer space and see a photographic, street level view.  See buildings and bridges in three dimensions, or go to the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest.  Google Earth is a free service. Follow this tutorial to learn more.