Simon Beck snow art

Simon Beck has become known as the “Snow Artist”.

Simon Beck is the “Snow Artist” of Colorado.  He is possibly the first large scale snow artist, and he is certainly the most famous. He began creating his snow art in 2004 just for fun around his home in France’s Les Arcs ski resort.  He made a star on a small frozen lake in front of his house.  Then he rode the ski lift and saw it from above and was impressed with how it looked. Beck was born in London 59 years ago and studied engineering at Oxford.  He became a cartographer inspired by his love of orienteering.  In 2009 he gave up his day job and began creating enormous designs in pristine snow-covered fields full time.  He has completed over 300 compositions of snow art in the past 10 years.

Simon Beck

Simon Beck at work

He plans out his design, straps on his snowshoes and off he goes to trample down the snow. Many of his designs are commissioned by ski resorts, towns and major brands like Canada Goose.  Others he does just because he loves it.  One huge design can take over 12 hours to complete.  In addition to the intense labor, his designs require advanced mathematics and geometry. His drawings can take up a snowy expanse the size of 2 – 8 soccer fields.  His is an endeavor of athletic art. He works outwards from the center of the design and follows a compass for the straight lines walking towards a point in the distance.  Curves are made by judgement and lots of practice.

Canada Goose design done in the Canadian Rockies

His creations live on in photographs long after they melt away each Spring.  In 2014 he published a coffee table book of his first 10 years as a snow artist. His goal is to create a piece in New York City’s Central Park.

Simon Beck Design

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The beautiful book of his art  $38.29

Simon Beck Design

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