Smoothie deliveries provide fast healthy eating with reduced prep.

Smoothies are definitely a food category so why shouldn’t they have their own subscription delivery services? Smoothies satisfy cravings, provide necessary daily vitamins, minerals and fiber in one drink, are quick healthy meals and great pick-me-up snacks. Preparing smoothies from scratch requires prep time and a supermarket run. A delivery service saves time and money and offers convenience and simplicity. Most of the delivery services send packages of ready-to-go frozen ingredients, others provide fresh ingredients. Store in the fridge or freezer and when you need it, blend in the liquid of your choice.

Green Blender has two products to choose between – superfood smoothies and superfood cereals. It does not freeze the smoothie pouches it sends to customers, unlike most of the other smoothie delivery companies. There is no right or wrong, it’s personal preference. Freezing allows ingredients to stay fresh longer without preservatives, but some people prefer unfrozen. The company has a wide variety of smoothies to choose from.

  • The smoothies’ ingredients come unblended with instructions.
  • The Fresh Start week-to-week subscription is $49 for five smoothies, or $9.80 a smoothie. This seems more than other companies, but Green Blender’s pouches each contain 2 servings (24 oz.).
  • Each week has a theme and customers receive what’s coming in that week’s theme. They include a card with recipes for all the smoothies that week.

Daily Harvest allows for customizing your order and they are very good at matching your personal tastes to the right smoothies. They have a good variety.

  • Select how many smoothies you want and how often (weekly or monthly)
  • Sort by likes, dislikes and benefits
  • Choose your smoothies, soups (hot or chilled and blended) and Harvest Bowls

A weekly order ranges from $6.99 to $7.99 per cup depending on how many cups you want. A monthly order is for 24 cups at $6.99 per cup.

Sub-Zero Superfoods has a flexible delivery schedule. After your first order, choose the delivery frequency that works best for you – weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or once in a while. They also make canceling easy.

  • Choose your box size – an 8 pack is $8.99 per smoothie or bowl.   A 12 pack is $7.99 per smoothie or bowl and a 24 pack is $6.99 per smoothie or bowl.
  • Choose a preset box or create your own.


Smartfruit’s smoothie products are 48 fl. oz. bottles of fruit blend which contain fruit juice and a small number of added ingredients. They can be consumed as juice or blended with ice to make a smoothie. Each bottle will provide 30 cups of juice or 12 smoothies. They currently offer 11 different juices to include Summer Strawberry + Antioxidants, Perfect Peach + Energy, Sunny Banana + Oat Fiber. The juices are very popular and get positive reviews. Smartfruit is not a subscription service. You order the amount and the flavor of the pre-blended bottles you want and re-order when you run out.

Splendid Spoon’s products are plant-based, gluten-free and they deliver nationwide. They come ready to drink if you like some texture and chewy bits, and blendable if you prefer very smooth. They divide their offerings into breakfast, lunch and soup cleanse.

  • A weekly order contains five from the plan you’ve selected.
  • Breakfast has five fruit smoothies
  • Lunch has five plant-based bowls that contain 3+ servings of whole vegetables. They are already prepared and ready to go.
  • Soup Cleanse contains four drinkable soups and one plant-based bowl, already prepared.

$65 for five smoothies. $95 per week for ten smoothies.Goodie uses organic produce from local farms. Customers receive a box of fruit and vegetables based on their personal preferences. They offer an Energy Box, Leaner and Cleaner Box and Muscle Builder Box. The ingredients are not frozen. For every box they send out they donate a meal to the L.A. Food Bank Charity.

  • Choose a smoothie box that fits your health goals.
  • Your weekly smoothie box will contain recipes and all the ingredients you need.
  • Blend up the organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods.

$4.89 per smoothie, each box contains 10 smoothie servings and five recipes.

The Frozen Garden mixes its greens with fruit, seeds and spices. The organic produce is grown within 100 miles if the company’s Indiana headquarters. They do not offer a regular subscription – consumers must place a new order online when the previous one has run out.   Their smoothies are easy to make – pull out a pouch from your freezer, add water and blend. Like the other suppliers, these smoothies are dairy and gluten free.

$6.99 per smoothie. There is a $35.00 minimum order.

Smoothie Box has three flavors of smoothies – cacao (banana, zucchini, kale, coconut water) green (spinach, avocado, pineapple, ginger) and clementine (mandarin, sweet potato, carrot, ginger). A unique feature is that they add 20 grams of grass-fed collagen to each smoothie pouch. A daily dose of collagen helps to “enhance skin, hair and nails, maintain bone and joint strength and support a healthy gut.”

  • Select your smoothie flavors. Each box contains 20 frozen, ready to blend pouches and 20 packets of collagen protein.
  • Choose to have deliveries from 30 to 60 days. It’s easy to change your delivery frequency, take a time out or cancel.
  • Blend your smoothie pouch and collagen packet with 8 oz. of liquid (water, any flavor of milk).

$5.95 per smoothie pouch.

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Note:  Give a subscription to a smoothie delivery to someone going off to college, or as a present to family and friends who are smoothie fans!