small table lamps

Great light from a small source.

Small spaces need small lamps.  Small lights add ambiance and help us find our way around our homes at night.  These lamps are cleverly designed and very appealing.

This is one of my favorite tiny table lamps.  It is the Lexon Mina M LED Light and it comes in four finishes.  It has nine adjustable light color settings, from warm white and purple, light pink, light blue, and more.  It also has a dimming function.  It is water-resistant should you want to take it outside or place it by the tub while you read and soak at the same time.  It charges wirelessly and has a 24-hour battery life.  It is 4.3”H x 3.6”W x 3.6”D.  It is $50.00.

This HAY Matin Table Lamp has a brass finish with an adorable, delicately pleated cotton shade.  It has dimmable LED lights.  It is available in Small (15”high x 12” diameter) or Large (20” high x 15” diameter).  It comes with a red, white or lavender shade. The Small is $175.00 and the Large is $195.00.

The Nicole Table Lamp has a round glass base with a solid center.  It has a simple linen hardback shade. Each lamp has an assortment of curves that is unique to it.  The finish is polished nickel. The base diameter is 3”, the height is 12.75”, the diameter at the largest part of the glass globe is 8.5”.  $139.20.

This Carrie Portable LED Lamp comes from Denmark, where the winters definitely lack light.  It creates a warm cozy atmosphere.  It is lightweight and portable.  It can go from your desk to the couch, or your bedside table into the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Placing several of these running down the middle of a dining room table would create a lovely atmosphere for a dinner party.  It has a USB charger, an internal LED light source so no bulbs are needed, and a detachable handle.  It is 5.3”W x 5.3”L x 9.6”H.  There are 5 color choices for the base.  $179.95.

This FollowMe LED Table Lamp from Barcelona is portable and rechargeable.  There are three light output settings.  It comes in four finishes – blue, green, pink and terracotta. The base diameter is 4.8” and the height is 11.3”. It is $245.00.

The FollowMe Plus LED is larger and has a durable oak veneer handle, a 3-way dimmer switch and a tiltable shade. It is 7.3” in diameter and 17” high.  $472.00.

This is the Edie Table Lamp from West Elm.  The shade is textured prism glass which gives it a retro look.  It is perfect for a bedside table, desk or side table.  It plugs in, has a simple on/off switch and takes a 60W incandescent bulb or LED equivalent.  It is 10” in diameter and 11.25” high.  $129.00

This is the Small Cut Crystal Table Lamp from Rejuvenation.  The base is a cylindrical, ribbed crystal form.  It is a solid, sturdy lamp that brightens any area.  The lamp is 9.5”W x 15.5”H and $329.00.

This is the Terri Round Accent Lamp with a spherical crystal base.  It is ‘French wired’ which means the cord comes right from the socket instead of going through the spherical base.  The lamp comes in two sizes – 10.25” which is $239.00, and 12.5” which is $375.00.

The Italian Artemide La Petite Table Lamp is a clever design. The small plastic lampshade balances freely against the angled stem.  It is made from aluminum, has an Off/On switch and it plugs in.  It comes in black or white, the base diameter is 7.63”, the height is 14.63”.  $295.00.

This is the Lana LED Table Lamp.  The diffused light can be positioned in any direction.  It has a durable felt shade (made from recycled material) that can be freely adjusted or detached without compromising the tapered shape.  There are five shade colors to choose from.  It has a dimming switch.  It comes in size Small ($390.00) and Large ($460.00).  The Small size has a base diameter of 9.5” and a height of 20.5”.  The shade has a diameter of 11”.  The Large size has a base diameter of 11” and a height of 25”.  The Large shade diameter is 13”.


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