The new popularity of skin scents that smell like you.

Subtle is good.  Just like the popular “no-makeup makeup”, skin scents are fragrances that resemble our skin’s natural scent.  The synthetic molecule they are built around (Iso E Super) was developed in 1973 in a lab to mimic our own skin odor and “reflect it back as the smell of soft, clean skin”.  It is a soft smell and stays close to you and your skin, so it is detectable only by you or someone close to you.  The scent is reminiscent of musk, woods, fresh linen or white florals and it is a light fragrance.   We all have a unique scent that is made up of our body chemistry and mixed with the skin, face, hair, and laundry products we routinely use. Have you ever sniffed a pillowcase just slept on or a T-shirt just worn and noticed a distinctive scent?  If it was left by someone you are close to, it is the skin scent you always associate with them.  Skin scents are usually gender neutral and are warm and clean.

Many people have a fear of using too much cologne or perfume, and we all have experienced being with someone who reeks of their fragrance.  You don’t want your perfume to ‘wear’ you.  Skin scents give us a minimum identity through scent without worrying that we’ll overpower anyone. These scents come as eau de parfums and toilettes.

Skin scents have been so popular that some of the newer ones are not solely defined by the use of Iso E Super.  Fragrance companies are keeping the fragrances light and earthy by using ‘notes’ of white flower and linen fragrances.  The term ‘skin scent’ has evolved to mean a light, unobtrusive fragrance. and has become a colloquial term for many fragrances that are simply light, soft, inoffensive, and refreshing.

Here are some that are recommended:

This scent is simple because its composition is formulated only with Iso E Super, the synthetic molecule designed to mimic each wearer’s own skin scent.

3.5 oz. for $135.00

Glossier You has a bit more of a scent than some of the others. One reviewer described it as “soft, warm, familiar”.

1.7 oz. for $60.00.

James By/ Rosie Jane smells like fresh clean sheets.  It is an earthy, cozy scent.

$65.00 for 50ml

I was surprised to find a Lancôme scent as a subtle skin scent, but this eau de parfum was one of the early scents to contain a large amount of Iso E Super.  It has a delicate minimalist scent.

Lancôme Trésor is $49.67 for 1 oz.

Byredo has a reputation for eccentric scents.  This one contains some Iso E Super to give it a woodsy base, and then is has bergamot, fig and cedar thrown in.

1.7 oz. is $149.00