David Rees, 42, is a cartoonist and a humorist who has found a second (or maybe third or fourth) career as the host of an unusual how-to show. This first season of Going Deep With David Rees began last July with an episode called “How to Make an Ice Cube”. The show is hilarious, ridiculous, offbeat, quirky and totally appealing.  Rees is beguiling, very funny and can make the simplest of tasks fascinating.

This is a how-to adventure series that teaches skills most of us think we have already mastered.  Rees tackles tasks like door opening, tree climbing and shoe tying. You will learn the history and science behind seemingly mundane tasks and Rees makes them very funny and interesting.  This is a witty, appealing, laugh-out-loud show.  Check out this clip from “How To Climb a Tree”.

Each episode is about 20 minutes long, during which Rees brings scientists and other experts to tackle and explain the task at hand.  It is difficult to explain why this show is so amusing.  You should try one and see if you like it.  It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – viewers needs to suspend reality a bit – but that’s fun to do once in a while.  Rees makes it look like such gosh-darned fun to be him.

There have been ten episodes so far.  Most of them are available on Hulu.  The show airs on the National Geographic cable channel.