One Day University Review

A subscriber, Diane S., recently attended One Day University in New York City. She thought it was so fantastic she urged us to write an article about it.

The idea for One Day U. came to Steven Schragis on a  Parent’s Visiting Day at Bard College.  He attended several mini classes held for parents and saw that parents loved them.

Many of us have courses we wanted to take in college and were either closed out of them, intimidated by unchartered territories, or were too lazy to take more courses than we absolutely had to.  Mr. Shragis and his partner, John Galvin, have scoured top colleges and universities in search of the most popular courses and professors.  They sit in on the classes, read student newspapers, and talk to students.  They then hire chosen professors to condense their best course into one, 70 minute lecture and present it at One Day University.

You can attend live classes, or go on-line and stretch your mind without leaving home.

  • Live Classes:

These one day programs are what put One Day U. on the map in 2006.  On a weekend day students are engaged with ideas from the most popular classes from top universities. They receive a boxed lunch, coffee and cookies and no homework.  Who could ask for more?  Courses are held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston.  Lectures are given in hotels, on college campuses, or in convention centers and other large public spaces.  They attract between 300 – 500 participants.  The subjects include history, political science, music, art, film, philosophy, psychology, literature, business, religion, and many more.

For example, the One Day U. coming to New York on January 23, 2010 has 12 professors teaching. Each participant chooses 5 of the courses for a charge of $249.  The one in San Francisco on November 7, 2009, has 8 professors teaching.  Participants choose 4 courses for $219.

  • Special and specialized live classes:

These events are organized around a unique focus.  For example, on October 31st, One Day U. is being held at Symphony Hall in Boston.  There will be 3 courses, dinner and a performance of Beethoven’s Symphonies No. 6 & 7 by the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  The 3 course areas are music, history and philosophy.  It is $259 a person.

In Philadelphia on December 5th , One Day U. will take participants back to explore the founding of the United States. There will be a continental breakfast, three courses discussing different aspects of the Constitution, lunch, and a backstage tour of the National Constitution Center.  $259 a person.

  • On-line Library:

Over 100 of the courses have been taped and are available for purchase and download for $44.95 each.  Or you can become a One Day U. member for $39.99 a month and have unlimited access to all the courses.  There is a free trial option.

More courses are constantly being added to the on-line library.

We’re intrigued and are hoping to try one out.  For further information go to

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