Spice Shaker Sets
This article has been updated for accuracy, 9/2019

We have had a house full of guests over the holidays and again this weekend.  I especially love the mornings with a cup of coffee (or two) in front of a fire surrounded by people I love.

I set out to make our morning coffee ritual better than the local coffee house offerings.  We already had the advantage of personalized ambiance and a relaxed dress code.  We have a good coffee maker and good coffee.  We were missing the added flavors which we get to shake into our coffee at a high end coffee shop.  Here are the spice shaker sets I have found to perfect our coffee bar.

Shaker Sets

This set of four labeled stainless shakers offers different configurations of holes so that each shaker is ideal for its contents.  Very cool, but expensive at $85.95.

labeledstainless-shakers sets

This four piece labeled shaker set with a stand looks just like the ones in the coffee shop.  $35.69.Countertop Spice Shaker Set

Four labeled shakers without the stand $21.39.

labeled-shakers sets-etundra

Note: the shakers are available individually

Set of four chrome plated, labeled shakers Under $50

four-chrome-shakers-cinn shakers sets

If all you want to shake into your coffee is cocoa, try this stainless steel shaker for $13.95.

cocoa-duster-shakers sets

Once you have your spice shakers, here are some suggestions for delicious cocoa powder, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg to fill them.


Cocoa Powder and Spices for Coffee

Organic, fair trade cocoa powder.  $6.95 for 6.5 oz.

tcho-organic-cocoa-powder for shakers sets

Ghirardelli Unsweetened Cocoa $3.95 for 8 oz.

ghirardelli-choc-powder for shakers sets

I think Cook’s Pure Vanilla Powder is what you get at Starbucks.

cooks-pure-vanilla-powder for shakers sets

Cinnamon and Nutmeg are easily available at your grocery store from a number of spice companies.  Take your pick.

Feeling adventurous? This is a pumpkin spice latte recipe for a delicious blend of spices to shake into your coffee:

1 cup milk

2 tablespoons pure pumpkin puree

1 tablespoon sugar

1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice, plus more for sprinkling

1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1/4 cup hot espresso or strong brewed coffee

*Recipe from Food Network

Do you like a little creativity with your shaking?  Try these stencils to give some drama or whimsy to the top of your coffee.  Sixteen stencils for $3.97.

shaker-stencils shakers sets

Mocha anyone?  Drop one of these TCHO Organic Milk Chocolate Discs into your cup of coffee. $6.95.

tcho-organic-milk-discs for shakers sets

Hostess Ideas

I think a collection of shakers and powders would make a fun hostess gift for weekend stays.

These sugar sticks give your tea tray a little finesse. Bring your hostess some of the individually wrapped sticks and she’ll be able to save them for later.

sugar shakers

Having company? Try this Cinnamon Cocoa Coffee for a treat.

We don’t mind short cuts to a good cup of coffee, using single cup coffee makers. Here are some we like;

Better and Easier Coffee on the Go

Single serving coffee

Single Serving Coffee Brewers, Tea…Just for Me!

Spice shakers for Tea

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!