SERIAL-Twelve Episodes-One True Story

My adult children have gotten me hooked on this popular, highly addictive, twelve-episode podcast called SERIAL.  It debuted on October of 2014 and you can listen for free on your computer, iPhone, iPad or other PDA.


Maybe you are an expert follower of podcasts, or already addicted to Serial. If so, skip to our next post.

The story is true.  A high school senior in Baltimore disappears from school in 1999, her ex-boyfriend is arrested for her murder, witnesses are unreliable, the defense and prosecution both struggle – and I won’t tell you what happens.  I can tell you that you will get drawn into the story.

The original podcast rolled out in weekly segments – too much suspense for me.  Now you can download all twelve episodes and listen when you like.

Where do you find them?  On your computer.  Go to  You can download the episodes for free.

I went to the iTunes Store on my phone and searched for Serial podcast.  I downloaded all twelve episodes for free.  I play them by clicking on the ‘Podcast’ icon on my phone.

Podcasts seem complicated?  There is an amusing ‘how to’ video and instructions at

Enjoy, but do not begin listening if you have an important deadline and work to complete.  It is addictive.  You’ve been warned.

The good news:  The Serial podcast did a major fund-raising effort, and it was successful!  There will be a Season Two.

Spoiler Alert:  Jay Wilds has granted his first-ever exclusive interview after the podcast was over:

Part one

Part two