See Music

Concert pianist Peter Shannon’s new venture.

Peter Shannon is a concert pianist who has developed an interesting new music visualization app. Music visualization is imagery based on music or sound often using colors or shapes to show the notes and textures of the music. Peter’s SeeMusic app uses both. Individual notes of a musical performance are translated into a beautiful visual as you listen and watch. This helps listeners grasp complex musical ideas and stay engaged for the entire performance. It also helps users to understand musical harmony through color. SeeMusic can be used during performances, or for personal use at home to enjoy all aspects of the music, help stay focused on work, meditate, relax or try to fall asleep.

How it works:

SeeMusic allows users to choose the colors for each of the 12 musical pitches. Users can also choose between two animation modes – the “Across Screen” mode that moves from left to right of the screen, and the “Vertical Wind” mode that moves from the middle to the top of the screen. They can also add a custom background behind the visualization, or include video of their performance inside the app. This is a wonderful way to introduce children and teens to classical music. SeeMusic can be used in the classroom or at home.

Performers and anyone learning to play may connect any piano or keyboard to their computer or phone and send the concert visualization live to a TV or projector.

For those who want to enjoy music visualization but are not musicians, the app includes over 80 minutes of sample classical music. Users can also import and visualize MIDI files of their choice of music, then save and export their set lists.

I can’t wait to import some Led Zeppelin and see the visualization!

In addition to this app, Peter has reproduced his SeeMusic performances as fine art prints and videos that can be seen at

Peter Shannon is a classically trained professional pianist and music educator based in Southern California. He has performed all over the world. In addition to his performances he works collaboratively with Stanford Cardinal Ballet and as a music director.

The app is available for iOS and MacOS. It is free with basic features or $12.99 for performance features.

Check out the You Tube videos of SeeMusic Piano. They are beautiful.