We’re sneaking up on candlestick season, and a household can never have too many. Here are some favorites for this season.

This 10-ring candleholder from CB2 is $4.95.  There are three versions in this ‘ring’ collection and they look wonderful all mixed together. Each version is $4.95.



This Astier de Villatte Terre Brute short candlestick is shaped by hand from black terracotta in Paris.  It is unglazed and the pattern is hand-etched. It comes in this short version for $160 or tall for $200.


I love these Les Perles Candleholders.  They are $75.00 each and come in black, red and natural.


Here’s a great housewarming present for your child’s first dorm room or apartment.  It fits into any standard wine bottle and is trés chic! $10.20.


Then give them these flameless taper battery candles so they don’t start a fire. $22.00.


This delicate Manzanita branch candelabra can hold nine taper candles.  It is made from aluminum and makes a wonderful winter centerpiece for a dining room table.  $99.00.


I think these Lauria Chain Link candlesticks are great looking.  This is a set of two, one taller than the other, for $173.80.


Simon Pearce has many gorgeous candlesticks.  This Cavendish Candlestick is one of the less expensive ones. It is almost 9” tall and is very elegant.  $85.00.


This Balancing Elephant candlestick from Anthropologie will certainly attract some attention around your dinner table.  It is 5” tall and made from porcelain and bronze.  $148.00.


These Hartland candlesticks from Simon Pearce come in one, two and three ball stacks.  I have collected them over time and love to group three different sizes together.  The one ball version is $125.