Total Eclipse 2017

Monday August 21, 2017

A solar eclipse? This means that the moon gets between you and the sun, and completely obscures the sun. It happens rarely (the last total eclipse was in 1979), and the next total eclipse in the U.S. will occur on August 21st, 2017. If you want to experience it, you will need to plan ahead and get into its path from the northwest U.S. to the southeast.

total eclipse phases 2017

It takes about 45 minutes from the time you’ll see the moon covering a small bit of sun – to total eclipse – and back to full sun. Imagine the world going dark around you during the day – but only for a couple of minutes.

From Nasa at:

The eclipse will follow the path you can see in the U.S. map (above). To ‘see’ it, you will need to be somewhere in the dark band. The purple mark shows that the eclipse will be both longest and most complete (moon completely obscures sun and earth darkens) on the border of Missouri and Kentucky. Jackson Hole looks like a good viewing spot as well.

A scientist has listed all of the cities and towns in the path of the eclipse, and the duration of the eclipse in each place, and has posted the information online. List of places to experience eclipse.

To find the time of the solar eclipse at your viewing point, go to Eclipse 2017 Times. Zoom in on the map and click on your viewing spot. See the instructions about adjusting the information to your local time zone.

Total Eclipse Mark Twain

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Guide to Total Eclipse 2017

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Total Eclipse Understanding

The Under-Standing of Eclipses, Paperback – August 21, 2016 by Guy Ottewell, $22.95

Total Solar Eclipse 2017


Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Your Guide to the Next US Eclipse, August 2015 by Marc Nussbaum. Paperback, $22.97