It’s been noted that men spend twice as much on Valentine’s Day as women.  Just as it should be, don’t you think?

Regardless of your gender, if you are in love, or you are a loving person, here are some presents worthy of Valentine’s Day.

Six Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak ed. By SMITH magazine.

We love the six word memoirs collected by Smith Magazine.  These are all dedicated to aspects of love.  Here are a few of our favorites:

“That? No. It only looks contagious”, “Sex…Easy, Romance, not so Much!”, and “Wouldn’t be as happy without her.”  You can try summing up your important message in six words and sending it to

Love & Heartbreak, $4.00

Silicone heart shape cupcake molds $14.50 for a set of 8.

Heart shaped spatula $9.06

Make your Valentine feel unique – customize a t-shirt, mug, card or poster at Zazzle.

The King and Queen of Hearts from Jonathen Adler can be used either as candle sticks or bud vases $48 for the pair.

Jewelry that won’t bust your budget – heart and ‘love’ charms from Elizabeth Cole.  They look wonderful hanging together from a long chain.

$88 for 3 charms and gold-plate chain.

A touchingly personal idea I just read about:  Buy your valentine a box of their favorite individually wrapped chocolates.  Underneath each one slip a small piece of paper on which you have written something that you find special about them.  That might keep me from wolfing down the entire box at one sitting.  I might want to space out my compliments over a longer period of time !