salt mill / salt scoop

Add an interesting gadget to your dining table.

Like many people during the pandemic, I am cooking more at home.  That, combined with repressed shopping desire, has led many home chefs to look for fun gadgets to add to their cooking experience.  Fun, colorful, whimsical salt mills have scratched that itch for me.  Here are my favorite salt mills from my shopping research.

ratchet salt mill from Sur La Table


This Sur La Table Ratchet Mill has a ceramic stone grinder that won’t corrode and can be used with salt, pepper and other spices.  You have five grind thicknesses to choose among, from fine to coarse.  It has a front-loading door, so refilling is easy. It also comes in white and red.  It is 9.5″ high. $19.95


Snowy Owl Salt Mill



This Snowy Owl salt mill comes from Denmark and is made from maple, mahogany and walnut.  It is 5″ tall and has a ceramic grinder.  It is handmade and hand assembled.  It also has a brown friend who can pair up as a pepper mill.  $104.95


Wooden Toucan salt



Add some whimsy to your table with this Toucan salt/spice mill.  It is made from mahogany, ash, maple and walnut wood and has a ceramic grinder. To operate, turn the toucan’s head back and forth.  To refill, pop the wing off. It is 3.5″w x 7″l x 8″h.  $135.00.

Wooden penguin




It also comes in the form of a penguin for the same price.



wooden pepper and salt mills

These salt and pepper mills are made from coated stainless steel and have a ceramic grinder with a mechanism to adjust the coarseness of your salt and pepper. The large size in light grey is 10″h x 2″ diameter and $49.00.  The medium size in terra cotta is 8″h x 2″ diameter and $39.00.

The large also comes in green and the medium also comes in yellow.

beechwood mills




These beechwood mills are made by Peugeot.  They are finished in metallic grey and have a stainless steel ring and knob to adjust the grind for coarseness.  They are 7″h x 2.25″d and $50.00.



Electric grinders



These electric grinders are made from stainless steel and have a ceramic core.  They grind with a push of a button.  They have a built-in light and adjustable coarseness levels.  They can be operated one-handed if necessary.  $32.99 for the pair.



OXO steel salt mill

If you want a salt grinder that you can keep by the stove and use while cooking, rather than a more decorative one that will go on the table, this OXO stainless steel mill is a good bet.  It is lightweight with an acrylic body and non-corrosive interior. It has a non-slip grip. It is easy to clean and is 5.5″ high x 2.2″ diameter. $24.99.

gravity operated salt mill

This gravity operated salt grinder/mill looked interesting to me but I have never used one and there weren’t any reviews, so you’re on your own.  It allows for one handed seasoning, if the other hand is busy stirring.  When you tilt the grinder it activates.  It can be used for any spice and even dried herbs, and coarseness can be adjusted.  It is stainless steel with a ceramic grinder.  It is battery operated with three triple A batteries which are included. $17.99 each

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