Rothy's shoes

Women’s flats – Comfort, Style and Easy on the Earth

Rothy’s shoes take women’s shoes to another level. They have the ease of a sneaker but the style of a classy flat. They are made from recycled water bottles and they are recyclable. They are machine washable and dry quickly. They are entirely flexible and they breathe like mesh.. They are assembled by hand and are seamless. The shoes feel like fabric, not plastic, and the material never causes blisters. They are knitted from a computer program on a 3-D printer. Each pair takes 6 minutes to make and there is no waste.  They have removable insoles which allows wearers to use their own arch supports or orthotics.

New to the fashion industry, the two founders, from San Francisco, designed Rothy’s for their wives who were always looking for the perfect flat – and they got it right – they are great looking! Roth Martin is the creative officer and namesake, and Stephen Hawthornthwaite is the CEO. The two founders spent four years trying to design the perfect, environmentally friendly, flat. They have succeeded.



There are currently two styles – a pointed toe which is called The Point ($145), and a round/ballet toe called The Flat ($125). There are many colors and patterns for each style and Rothy’s is always introducing new styles and colors. Their most popular shoes (like The Point in solid black) currently have a waiting list.

I have several pairs now, and they are my go-to shoe. I wear them all day and out in the evening and I receive many compliments on them. Their first investor, a venture capitalist, heard about the shoes through word of mouth. The investor predicts Rothy’s will become as big as Tom’s and UGGs. I agree.