Customized classic stories

This is a fun present to give to someone with a sense of humor!  Choose one of the 16 classic books carried by the Customized Classics company, change the names of the lead characters and off you go!  The current custom book offered is a paperback edition, and they are looking into offering hardcover in the future.  Is there someone you’ve always wanted to be?  Sherlock Holmes, perhaps?

Customers may also select a custom photo.  Every book comes with a customized cover with your name and photo if you chose one.  You may also add a dedication message of up to a page of text at no extra cost.

If you choose Romeo and Juliet, for example, you would first choose the names you want to replace Romeo and Juliet with.  Then choose a photo for the cover and write a dedication.  You might decide to opt for the “Happy Ending Version” and have the main characters live happily ever after.  The company will write a short scene and added it after Act V Scene 111.  The poison didn’t work and Romeo lives.  Juliet’s self-stabbing didn’t work and she only passed out. This is making me laugh as I write it!

A regular order is $34.95 and takes up to seven business days to process. An order with a custom photo adds $15.00 to the cost but shipping if free within the U.S. and Canada.


UStar Novels is a British version of Customized Classics but they offer more categories of fiction.  Choose a steamy romance novel or a children’s book.  Their specialty is personalized adventure romance novels that are printed in the USA.  The company describes these novels as “steamy love stories of exotic romance and spine tingling adventure.”  With the romance novels, it’s not just the names that are changed. The characters are fully developed according to details you put in on the order form.  The books are 160-180 pages.

In addition to the romance novels there are 32 other classic titles where only the names of the characters can be customized. Each character in the book is described at length so you can choose your customization with care.

A customized classic novel is $29.95 and an eBook$17.95.

The customized romance novels that are written for you are $39.95. All orders take 7 – 10 business days to process. Shipping is $7.95.