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This article has been updated for accuracy and additions in December 2021.

I grew up playing backgammon and I feel the game is making a comeback of sorts.  Backgammon boards are great looking, so even if you don’t play, you can have a board out as an offering to guests.

Not being a professional player, I go for the aesthetics and don’t pretend to know anything about the actual playing aspects of boards.  I prefer cork or needlepoint and interesting colors, that’s about it.

I like the look of this board and the extra-large size.  It’s painted cork and fake leather.  The dimensions when open are 25” x 22”. $190.00blue backgammon board

This maroon travel set has magnetic playing pieces.  It zips up for easy transport and also comes in blue or black. $39.95.

travel backgammon set

Of course my biggest crush, Jonathan Adler, has a variety of unique backgammon boards. $415.00.

Jon Adler Backgammon

This medium size backgammon set is all leather, attaché style with handle, 21” x 28” x 1.5”.  $795.95.

brown attache set

This Italian-made backgammon set is truly beautiful.  It is made by Dal Negro for Zontik.  It is made from wood and lined with Italian linen.  It is 20” x 19.4” x 1.8” when open.  It comes in green, blue or brown. $395.00.

leather, wood and linen board

This backgammon set is made in Brooklyn, NY by Crisloid.  The playing surface is cork.  It comes in green, brown or blue.  $190.00.

red board set

To learn more than you ever wanted to know about backgammon go to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backgammon.

To learn how to play go to


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