Hot off the presses!!  ASE always wants you to be on the cutting edge of trends, especially food trends.   Our same intrepid ASE Foodinista who brought us the Cronut is at it again!

Our ASE Foodinista has never seen a line she didn’t want to get on, so when she was last in Brooklyn, she joined a very long line that turned out to be for…the Ramen Burger!  Just process that for a minute.  You know the packaged Ramen noodle soups, right?  Well, I needed a picture to understand how those soup packages could be turned into a burger.  Thankfully, they can’t.  They can be turned into burger BUNS!


The Ramen Burger craze started in late summer at a food market called Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.  The creator is a 35 year-old former computer programmer who is obsessed with Ramen and has a blog called GoRamen.   The line to try one is so long that the wait can be up to three hours.  When the Ramen Burger made its debut in Los Angeles in the first week of September over 1,000 people showed up.

The burger is served between two ‘buns’ of compressed, cooked noodles.  The beef is griddled and covered in a secret sauce.  It is covered in arugula with a sprinkle of scallions, placed between the Ramen buns, and voilà!  Some recipes call for a fried egg on top but I haven’t been able to verify that yet.


Foodinista actually made one that looks just like the original!

Here are a couple of recipes and instructions on how to make your own:



Bottom line:  Foodinista describes the Ramen Burger as “weirdly delicious”.  Hmmm…..