quick and easy take-out

We’re about to revolutionize your food take-out experience!  Ordering take-out food has become, well, seamless.  If you are traveling to a new area, have recently moved or have not really explored the take-out options in your neighborhood, Seamless is here to help.  Founded in New York City, Seamless currently has over 2 million users and has partnered with over 12,000 restaurants across the country and London. It is available in over 600 cities.  You can order from your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

How Seamless works:

  • Give your location to Seamless and choose ‘deliver’ or ‘pick-up’.
  • Choose a restaurant from the list your receive.
  • Order from the menu for that restaurant that Seamless will provide.
  • Give Seamless your credit card information for payment
  • Seamless sends your order to the restaurant.
  • Receive confirmation from the restaurant with a delivery or pick-up time estimate.
  • When your food is ready, it will be delivered or you pick it up.  Enjoy!

When I put in my address I discovered restaurants in my area I wasn’t yet familiar with, and other restaurants I didn’t realize allowed take-out orders for pick up and restaurants I didn’t realize delivered. It was quick and easy and I’m a convert.