Quarantine Entertainment #13

Winding down, we hope.

Dear ASE readers.  This will be the last of the Quarantine Entertainment articles as our cities and towns are slowly re-opening and things are going towards the new normal, whatever that will look like.  Here’s hoping we won’t have need of any more ‘staying at home’ entertainment articles for a long time.  We will continue to use The Friday Bulletins to alert you to special events but there will not be as deep a dive into only ‘sheltering at home’ events.  Stay safe and healthy.

Ginny & Nancy

Quarantine Entertainment #13 Books

Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians books are a guilty pleasure for me, so I was thrilled to learn that he is about to  publish a new one called Sex and Vanity, inspired by E.M. Forster’s book A Room With a View. The new book is not part of the Crazy series, it is a new direction, and I’m hoping it’s as much fun as his earlier works. The book will be published June 30th, 2020.  Pre-order it here.

Quarantine Entertainment #13 Drama

“Lenox Hill” is a new docu-drama series on Netflix about four doctors saving lives at the NYC hospital.  It is an intimate look into their professional lives and how they balance their personal lives.  Two are brain surgeons, one is an emergency room doctor, and one a Chief Resident OBGYN. As Time magazine says in its review “It’s a tribute to the qualities so many health care workers have displayed – intelligence, empathy, humility – as they rise to an unprecedented challenge”.  It debuted on June 10th and has eight episodes.  It is getting rave reviews.

The Politician

The Politician is a Netflix series that debuted in 2019. It stars Ben Platt (he played Evan Hansen) as a driven teenager named Payton Hobart who decided at the age of seven that he would be president of the United States.  No spoiler alerts here except to say that Season 2 introduces two new characters: Majority New York state senator Dede Standish played by Judith Light and her chief of staff Hadassah Gold played by Bette Midler. Some reviews warn that it takes several episodes to get into this series.  I liked the first episodes and was mildly curious about what would happen next.  I am very curious to check out Season 2, however, with Bette Midler and Judith Light. It releases this summer, 2020.  It is classified as a comedy-drama.

Quarantine Entertainment #13 Perry Mason

Perry Mason, one of the all-time great shows of the late ’50s to the mid 60’s, is being resurrected by HBO.  It does not pick up where the earlier series ended, with Perry Mason at the height of his career, Della Street by his side, winning all his cases.  Instead it is set in 1931 before Mason’s success.  He is a private investigator, struggling to find work and traumatized by his WW1 experience.  It stars Matthew Rhys and will begin streaming on HBO on June 21st.

If you want to refresh your memory about the original Perry Mason series, or be introduced to it for the first time if you were too young, you can find it with a CBS All Access subscription.  The show is outdated in an oddly charming way – and the good guys always win in the end.

The Original Perry Mason Series

Home Food Delivery Sun Basket

Are your meals getting predictable and boring while sheltering in place?  ASE reader Diane R. has highly recommended Sun Basket, a home delivery healthy meal kit. Choose your meal type – Paleo, Vegetarian, Lean & Clean and Gluten-Free. You can also choose your meal category – breakfast, lunch, healthy snacking and more. These are quick recipes delivered to your door containing organic produce and clean ingredients. Two recipes a week for two people is $12.99 a serving.  Three recipes a week for two people each is $11.99 per serving, and four recipes a week for two people is $10.99 per serving.

The Rockefeller University is one of the world’s leaders in biomedical research.  It was established in 1901, is located in New York City and is for graduate students only. It has a You Tube channel where their webinars are available to the public.

I recently had Antibody Therapeutics and Pathways to Prevention recommended to me by ASE reader Karen L.  It is the latest webinar in a series called Virtual Discussions with Genuine Experts and is given by Dr. Marina Caskey who is leading clinical efforts to identify and evaluate potent antibodies against the coronavirus – antibodies that are derived from patients who have recovered from the viral disease. I have heard several of these lectures and find them very interesting and easily digestible for someone without a science background.  There are other webinars available as well.

Quarantine Entertainment #13 Sesame Street

If you have young children and would like for them to have some thoughtful, reliable information about racism, watch Sesame Street’s Coming Together: Standing Up to RacismIt is the second CNN- Sesame Street town hall and is moderated by Big Bird, Van Jones and Erica Hill.   They will answer viewer-submitted questions. It runs for 60 minutes.

The first town hall was “The ABC’s of Covid-19” and equally gentle and educational.

For some humor:

Towel Dancing

Subscriber Lindsay E. invited us to watch The towel dancing of Les Beaux Frères.  It is very clever and funny.

Quarantine Entertainment #13 Priests Dancing

And, this video of the celebrants of a mass in County Armagh performing an Irish dance is a must see!


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