Quarantine Entertainment #11

Here are this week’s possibilities for new and different entertainment.

Food Network has launched a new cooking show called Bakeaway Camp.  On May 11th, six bakers began a baking bootcamp with Martha Stewart.  In each episode Martha, the host Jesse Palmer and camp counselors lead the bakers through challenges to test their skills.  The winner will win $25,000 worth of kitchen appliances.  Bakeaway Camp is at 9 PM Monday evenings on the Food Network channel.

Jonathan Adler

Interior Design has a lengthy piece on Jonathan Adler which is a fun read.  In March 2020, just before the coronavirus lockdown, Adler opened his ninth boutique, a 5,500 square foot flagship store on Lexington Ave in Manhattan.  Read the interview here.

Jonathan Adler is also the new creative director of Fisher-Price and will launch his new line of baby gear, toys for newborns, crib bedding and nursery decor this fall.  Watch a video of JA discussing this new role.

I have already written about the Netflix series called Explained but I’ve been catching up on ones I’ve missed.  The episodes run between 14 – 20 minutes and do exactly what the title says – explain things.  They choose current topics that impact peoples’ lives and give a balanced, impartial analysis.  I just finished one from November7, 2019 called ‘The Next Pandemic’.  If you’ve had enough pandemic information, you might try “Beauty”.  Can people’s differing ideas about what is beautiful be explained? Click here for episodes.

This 3+ minute “Call to Unite” is an uplifting, jump to your feet and dance number by the Alvin Ailey Foundation.   Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations” is one of the dance troupe’s finest works and this is a pandemic adaptation of the finale, filmed from each dancer’s home.  I loved every second of it. Click here to view the video.



If you are inspired to watch Alvin Ailey’s entire “Revelations”, they are streaming it for free during the pandemic.  Click here to view the full ballet ‘Revelations’.



“Dear…” is a new 10-episode documentary series from Apple TV which will premiere on June 5th.  It profiles letters written by people whose lives have been changed by the biographies of well-known iconic figures in society today.  Watch the trailer here.


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