Quarantine #10

Who’s doing your hair these days?

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The movie of ‘Hamilton’ is dropping a year early.  It is skipping the movie theaters (what’s going to happen to our beloved movie theaters?) and premiering on Disney+ this July 3, 2020, just in time for Independence Day! It stars the original cast. I can’t wait!

We are getting through ‘sheltering in place’ and waiting for the restrictions to ease. Everyone has had their individual experiences and some are doing better than others in this stressful time. If you or anyone you know is anxious perhaps a checklist found here will help

Note: This article suggests walking inside a store to stretch your legs.  In a time of Covid-19 it is safer to stride outside.

Martha Graham Dance Company is offering Graham on Demand Classes.  Over a dozen are pre-recorded and available anytime you feel like a dance class taught by members of the Martha Graham Dance Company. Click here for more information.

If you would like to join a live Martha Graham Dance Company dance class via Zoom, click here. One 4-week class began May 11, but there are more to come.

If you have a Scooby-Doo fan in your house then you know that Scoob!, the latest Scooby movie, was released Friday, May 15th.   You can stream the new movie, featuring Mark Wahlberg, Simon Cowell, Tracy Morgan and many more on Prime Video, You Tube, Vudu, Fandango and more.  It is rated PG.  See the trailer here.

In addition to the new movie, there is a new Scooby-Doo dance to be learned.  Warner Bros. asked Jalaiah Harmon (the original creator of the dance called Renegade) to compile this ScoobDance dance from TikTok videos.  View the dance here.

Some humor:  Ellen has a few ideas to pass the time in quarantine:

Watch her here.


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