Custom Jigsaw for Gifts
*Updated in March, 2020

Customized jigsaw puzzles make wonderful gifts.  Hostesses, graduates, brides, and grandparents are just a few of the likely recipients.  What a fun family activity to have on hand over the holidays!

This site makes puzzles out of photos, and gives you choices of levels of difficulty from 30 pieces to 1,500. It also allows you to make photo collages into puzzles.  From $15.95.

customized jigsaw puzzles for gifts

Send in a vertical or horizontal photo and this site will make a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle from sturdy white cardboard.  The puzzle arrives in a decorative box that matches the puzzle. $36.99 (on sale now $25.99).

New York TImes Puzzle

Choose a date and have a puzzle made with the front page of The New York Times from that day. $50.00.

gift puzzles

MGC Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles are collectors’ items.  Mark Cappitella will carve a wooden puzzle from your photograph, saying, or artwork.  You can choose from different puzzle shapes and sizes.  Mark also offers his own puzzle designs.  Prices start at $245.

Bunny Tales Custom Jigsaw Puzzle for gifts

Stave Puzzles are also handmade custom wooden jigsaw puzzles. They will make puzzles from photographs, quotes, and images.  They will cleverly hide your messages or names in a design of their own. Their puzzles have been used as marriage proposals!  These are an investment, and they are worth it.  Prices start at $245.