‘pen etiquette’ preferences
*This article has been updated in February 2020.

A great pen is a personal thing, but not necessarily a luxury.  I asked a group of ASE readers to recommend their favorite pens and now I am sharing their picks with you.

They volunteered some ‘pen etiquette’ preferences.  First, a number of them have chosen a signature color for correspondence – purple, bright blue, bright green and poppy were the top choices.  They each have a signature pen and a color.  They buy them in bulk and keep plenty of them at the ready.  Don’t try to hand them something new.

Attending a meeting with your pen?  They all agree that ‘clicking’ is annoying so keep your pen noises to a minimum.

All of them love receiving a handwritten letter, most people do, so choose a pen and get going.

Le Pen offers this 18 color set of pens. Surely you can choose your ‘signature color’ from among these.  $18.

sakura_pens pen etiquette preferences

This six-color Sakura Pigma Micron pen set will let you test the pens and try six of the colors for $10.29.

uniball_signo pen etiquette preferences

Find your color from among these eight Uniball Signo medium point retractable pens. $9.20.

uniball_precision pen etiquette preferences

For those of you with a precise hand, try these Uniball Precision Micro tip pens in three colors.  $8.70.


This Uniball Vision Stick Fine Point Roller Ball Pen has ‘Evergreen’ ink.  The blue is another favorite.  It also comes in black, fluorescent pink, purple and red.  $12.99 for this eight pack.

pilot_g2 pen etiquette preferences

This Pilot G-2, extra-fine, retractable, rollerball pen looks comfortable.  Just don’t click it in meetings with my friends! It comes in black, blue, green purple and red. $13.44 for a dozen.

The disposable fountain pens received several votes.

pilot_varsity pen etiquette preferences

Try this pack of Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens in seven colors for $18.63.

classicflairpens pen etiquette preferences

These classic Flair pens come in 12 colors for $12.79.

moma_muji_gelink pen etiquette preferences

Find your shade among these MoMA MUJI Gel Ink, .5mm Ball Point pens in 12 colors. $31.